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In Memoriam: Billy "Uncle Bill" Yoke Soon Chin

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

August 19, 1929 – November 26, 2021

Billy "Uncle Bill" Yoke Soon Chin

On November 27, 2021, Billy "Uncle Bill" Yoke Soon Chin sadly passed. In lieu of flowers, his loved ones graciously asked that donations be made to both South Cove Manor at Quincy Point Rehabilitation Center and to us at Kwong Kow Chinese School.

We at KKCS are incredibly grateful for this heartfelt gesture, and for Uncle Bill’s incredible impact on the Boston Chinatown community over the past 50 years. Our hearts and minds go out to Uncle Bill’s family.

Read more about Uncle Bill’s lasting influence on Boston Chinatown and how he has helped shape the history of the area:


Remembering Uncle Bill — a Community Leader


Tribute to Billy (Uncle Bill) Y.S. Chin



Furthermore, we would like to express a kind and sincere thank you to all those who have donated in memory of Uncle Bill.

Thank you for your donations in memory of Uncle Bill


Patricia & George Barnwell

Thomas W. & Susan C. Ho

Victor Ng

Janet Y. Wu & Adam P. Carroll

Beck Fong Hong

Yat Man Ng

Catherine Chan

Alex Hu

Danny & Mary Ong

Jeff Chan

Binglin Huang

Marilyn Chin Packer

Jennifer Chan

David Hui

Allie Ruan

Joey J. Chan

Michael Hui

Irene Ruan

Kin On Chan

Winnie Ip

Jimmy Ruan

Patty Chan

Lena & Yu Sing Jung

Yvonne Tam

Wilfred Chan

Jennie M. Kee

Heman Tang

Yet Wah Chan

Judith Kurland

Paul & Janis Tsang

Peter & Laura Chan

Chi Chung & Toy Soo Lau

Lorraine Tse / Sunshine Travel

Jieping Chen

Kai Lau

Theresa S. Tsoi

Wendy M. Chen

Shu W. Lau

Frank Wong

Ying Huo Chen

Wai Ling Chin

Janice Wong

Hung & Jill Cheng

Fung Ming Lee

Jeffrey Wong

Aland & Virginia Chin

Julie Lee

Judy L. & Gock L. Wong

Albert Chin

Kee S. Lee

Karen Hong Wong

Frank F. & Mark Chin

Lillian (Wa Yam Chan) Lee