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Our Mission

We dedicate...

our minds to learning and sharing the history and culture of the Chinese heritage,

our hearts to embrace all youths, and

our service to help children of immigrant families to become contributing American citizens.


Fidelity • Amity • Humanity • Piety

KKCS was founded in 1916 by the Chinese Merchants Association (the On Leong Merchants Association) to establish an educational institution to help maintain Chinese heritage among overseas Chinese.


Our school is the oldest one of its kind in Boston and one of the longest-running Chinese schools on the East Coast. Through our long and distinguished history, we have provided Chinese language and cultural education, academic support, and recreational activity for over 20,000 Chinese children in the Greater Boston area.


We became a non-profit in 1981 in order to ensure our sustainability as a community resource. In 2007, our school moved into our first permanent home at 87 Tyler Street.

Our History

Serving the Boston Chinatown community

Operating in the heart of Chinatown, we fill a critical need for quality childcare and enrichment programming for families in our community.

Our organization is committed to two objectives. Firstly, we aim to preserve and promote Chinese language and culture. Secondly, we are devoted to preparing immigrant and first-generation children for mainstream society by making our resources and opportunities accessible to all.

With nearly 17,000 sq. ft., our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology; facilities include a multi-function performing arts center, a computer lab, a library, a dance studio, and 13 classrooms.

We offer Chinese language and culture programs, as well as academic curriculums that parallel and complement the Boston public school system. Every summer, we offer a comprehensive 8-week program that is both academically intensive and culturally enriching.

Our School Today
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