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Summer Program

Hands on learning and cultural enrichment

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2023 Summer Registration Dates


Early bird discount registration starts 02/10/2023 and ends 04/21/2023.

Regular registration starts 04/22/2023 and ends 08/04/2023.


Add-On Programs


Our 2023 Summer Program will offer two optional add-on programs for students to enroll in!

Please note: These Add-Ons classes are NOT covered by EEC vouchers. Students may sign up at an additional cost.

If you have questions about these programs, please contact us at (617) 426-6716 or at


我們的 2023 年暑期課程將為學生提供兩個可選的課外課程!


如果您對這些計劃有任何疑問,請致電 (617) 426-6716 或發送電子郵件至 與我們聯繫。

Summer Program Details

Travel Through Time!

Grades K – 8

Ages 5 – 13

Our program has taken all the necessary precautionary measures to keep our students and staff safe from COVID-19.


There will be 8 exciting weeks of academic enrichment, Chinese language instruction, and cultural activities.


Located in the heart of Boston’s Chinatown, our classes in English, Math and Science will help prepare children for the next coming school year.


We have flexible scheduling and payment options to accommodate for your family’s needs.

We are an EEC licensed childcare program. We accept state childcare vouchers. Please contact us for more info.

我們的學校已經採取了一切必要的預防措施,以確保學生和員工的安全與健康。暑期為期8週的豐富學科、中文教學和文化活動一定會讓您的孩子有個難忘的暑假! 我們的英語、數學和科學課程將幫助孩子們為下一學年做好準備。我們也有彈性的註冊安排和付款選擇,以配合您的各種需求。

Summer Program Dates

Program Start 課程開始日: Mon. 07/03/2023

Program End 課程結束日: Fri. 08/25/2023

Program Days 課程日: Mon. – Fri.

Program Times 時間: 8:30AM – 5:00PM


Academic Support and Enrichment


Our program includes morning enrichment classes in English, Math, and hands-on Science activities & Theme Projects. Theme Projects provide history and cultural enrichment.


Our lessons typically begin with some instruction on the lesson topic by our educators, followed by comprehension checks via worksheets and engaging class activities. Students are encouraged to engage with the material and participate in activities or discussions with their peers. 



Students will be taught topics they will learn in the Fall, giving them a strong head start!


Mandarin Language Learning


Mandarin classes are a part of all students’ morning enrichment! Students will learn new vocabulary each week, and build proficiency in reading, writing, and speech!


Our Mandarin teachers adapt to the overall proficiency of the class to ensure all of our students are engaged.



Afternoon Activities

After lunch, students participate in a wide range of activity offerings such as 午餐後,學生將參加各種午後活動,例如:

  • LEGO Robotics 樂高機器人

  • 3D Printing 3D 打印

  • Cricut Art 剪紙藝術

  • Arts & Crafts 工藝品

  • Sketching & Watercolor 素描與水彩

  • Theatre 劇院

  • Outdoor Play 戶外遊戲

  • Table Tennis 乒乓球

  • Kung Fu 功夫

  • Chinese Drums 中國鼓

  • Chinese Dance 中國舞

  • … and more 和更多寓教於樂的活動!

Field Trips


Field trips give students plenty of opportunity for fun off-site learning! Each Wednesday, we travel to exciting locations such as 校外教學為學生提供了很多有趣的異地學習機會!每個星期三,我們都會前往寓教於樂的地點,例如:

  • Boston Children’s Museum 波士頓兒童博物館

  • Castle Island 城堡島

  • New England Aquarium 新英格蘭水族館

  • Museum of Science 科學博物館

  • Harvard Museum of Natural History 哈佛自然歷史博物館

  • Arnold Arboretum 阿諾德植物園

  • Zoo New England 新英格蘭動物園

  • … and many more 還有很多!

Summer field trip locations are curated to align with our summer curriculum, so that these experiences become opportunities for students to make real-world connections and investigate further!



Violin Lessons


Students will participate in private, 1-on-1 violin tutoring sessions with highly experienced violinists from the IP Piano School!

學生將與來自 IP 鋼琴學校的經驗豐富的小提琴家一起參加一對一的私人小提琴輔導課程!

Age/experience: No requirements 無年齡或經驗要求


Class Times: 2 classes per week 每週2節課

Class Duration: 45 minutes per class 每節課45分鐘

Class Fees: $400 for full summer 夏天課程400美元

Violin Rental Fee: $50美元小提琴租賃費

If you own a violin, you may bring it; otherwise, you may rent one from the school.


Registration Deadline: Fri. 05/19/2023

*Please note: Students are required to enroll in the full 8-week Summer Program in order to enroll in Violin.


*請注意:學生必須參加完整的 8 週暑期課程才能註冊小提琴課程。

Coding Class


Students will join in-person morning classes taught by CodeWiz programming coaches to produce their own games, animations, and computer-generated art!

學生將參加由 CodeWiz 編程教練授課的實體上午課程,製作自己的遊戲、動畫和計算機生成的藝術作品!

Age/experience: Ages 7–13, no experience required 7-13歲,無經驗要求

Class Times: Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri 週一二四五

Class Duration: 3 hours per class (incl. 30 min break)  每節課 3 小時(包括 30 分鐘休息時間)

Class Fees: $750 per session (3 weeks each)

There will be a 3-week session in July, and a 3-week session in August.

每節課 750 美元(每節課 3 週)

7 月將有一個為期 3 週的課程,8 月將有一個為期 3 週的課程。

Registration Deadline: Fri. 05/19/2023

*Please note: Students are required to enroll in the session (3 consecutive weeks). Students may enroll in one or both sessions.

*請注意:學生必須參加課程(連續 3 週)。學生可以報名參加一個或兩個課程。


Summer Program Finale


At the end of our Summer Program, students show off everything they’ve learned with us! Classes perform recitals, dance routines, kung fu forms, and more. Class projects are put on display which include all of the hands-on projects students have completed over the summer!


The celebration is open for all families to attend. We hope to see you there! 慶祝活動開放給所有家庭。我們希望看到您一同見證孩子的成長!

2022 Summer - Performance Showcase

2022 Summer - Performance Showcase

2022 Summer - Performance Showcase
2022.8.26 Drumming Performance

2022.8.26 Drumming Performance

Play Video
2022.8.26 Seaweed Song [Kindergarten]

2022.8.26 Seaweed Song [Kindergarten]

Play Video
2022.8.26 Seaweed Song [Grade 1]

2022.8.26 Seaweed Song [Grade 1]

Play Video
2022.8.26 Where Are My Friends [Grade 2]

2022.8.26 Where Are My Friends [Grade 2]

Play Video
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