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Afterschool Program

Homework assistance and academic enrichment

SY 21–22 In-Person Afterschool Program

Our Weekday Program provides support for our students’ academic and social needs.



Our goal is to ensure our students achieve academic excellence. We are able to accomplish this through our low teacher-to-student ratio and individualized one-on-one support. We assign Teaching Assistants to each class, ensuring that all students are given the attention they need.


Schedule時間: Mondays週一–Fridays週五 3:30PM – 7:00PM 

School Pick-up接孩子放學: KKCS staff are able to pick up students directly from the Josiah Quincy Elementary School to KKCS for In-Person Afterschool Program. Pick-ups by KKCS staff at designated Chinatown bus stops are available.


Individually Packaged Snacks: Healthy, peanut-allergy free, prepackaged snacks are provided daily at no cost for all students.


EEC-licensed childcare program: We accept state childcare vouchers. Please contact us for more info.


2022–2023 Financial Aid Application Form 中華廣教學校助學金申請表

Kwong Kow Chinese School will offer need-based financial aid to provide equal opportunities to students with economic need. Qualified families shall attach a copy of last year’s federal tax return (Form 1040) to this application at registration. Students receiving financial aid should be in good standing to be included in the program. Kwong Kow Chinese School reserves the right to cancel this program pending the availability of funds. 


為了讓更多家庭的子弟有機會參加廣教多元化的課程,家長可向本校申請廣教學校助學金。請填妥助學金申請表,並附上去 年聯邦政府報稅表 (Form 1040) 副本一份,入學註册時遞交本校審核。獲助學金的學生若得退學或停學處分,學校將收回獎 助學金。因助學金有限額,廣教學校保留取消此計劃的權利。

Safe Learning Environment

KKCS follows Massachusetts State/EEC COVID-19 Protocols to ensure the safety of all staff and students in the facility.


KKCS facilities are cleaned regularly and PPE (such as hand sanitizer and masks) are readily available.


Students will be ensured 40 square feet of space to allow physical distancing.

Sanitation Unit
Raising a Hand

Traditional Classroom Setting

Our traditional classroom setting provides students an enhanced learning experience as students will be able to receive direct help and enrichment from the teacher, allowing immediate feedback.


This setting provides students a better opportunity to focus on their learning and provides much needed social interactions for peer collaboration.

Well-Trained Educators


Our educators spend many hours preparing lessons for our students. Our administrators and teachers meet regularly to share notes and feedback on lesson plans so that we may ensure the highest quality classroom experience.


This includes collaborating as a team to develop teaching techniques that keep our students engaged with the material.


Additionally, our educators partake in at least 20 hours of annual training with topics such as special education, behavioral issues, and classroom management strategies.

Teacher Standing In Front of Blackboard

Massachusetts Common Core Standards


In a recent effort to close gaps in inequality, Boston exam schools (BLS, BLA, and OB) altered their entrance exams to align more closely to the curriculum taught at Boston Public Schools.


As a result, KKCS has adapted our curriculum to follow Massachusetts Common Core Standards so that we may continue improving our students’ likelihood of attending these prestigious schools.


Because these exam schools now also consider students’ GPAs, we also offer extensive homework help so that our students understand what is being taught at their day schools, improving their grades and their confidence in the classroom.

Technology Resources


Thanks to many generous donors, we were recently able to renew our technology resources for our students and teachers.


This included the purchase of several new Chromebooks for student use, and the refurbishment of over a dozen high-end laptops.


We were also able to purchase a 3D printer which serves as a new and exciting resource for our students to explore.

Technology at School
Technology Class

Friday Club Activities


Each week, students participate in their chosen club activity.


Students may choose from a variety of activities such as:


  • Arts & Crafts,

  • Board Games,

  • Strategy Games,

  • Coding & Robotics,

  • Table Tennis,

  • Kung Fu, 


… and much more.

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