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Congrats to our NEACS Chinese Recital Contest Participants!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Kwong Kow Chinese School participated in the annual NEACS (新英格蘭中文學校協會) Traditional Chinese Characters Cultural Festival 2021.

Kwong Kow’s own participants are pictured below!

NEACS Chinese Recital Contest Participants
From top-left to bottom-right: Wilson Feng 馮楚航, Vicky Chan 陳溦琪, Joe Chen 陳智歷, Zhiying Shi 石芷滎, Wenhao Shi 石文浩, Sylvia Shao 邵婷馨, Sau-Yin Ma 馬守言, Sau-Lok Ma 馬守諾, and Sau-Yan Ma 馬守恩.

Through weeks of practice with both recital and written works, our wonderful students demonstrated excellence in their Chinese language skills. We want to congratulate our students on their participation and dedication to their studies!

Full list of Participants:

Vicky Chan 陈溦琪

Joe Chen 陈智历

Joline Chen 陈智玲

Wilson Feng 馮楚航

Sarah Fung 冯淑婷

Gino Huang ⻩子华

Sau-Lok Ma ⻢守诺

Sau-Yan Ma ⻢守恩

Sau-Yin Ma ⻢守言

Sylvia Shao 邵婷馨

Wenhao Shi 石文浩

Zhiying Shi 石芷熒

Matthew Tran 陳韋翰

Julian Wong ⻩晓澎

You can also read more about the event in an Epoch Times article below:

Epoch Times News Article

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