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Community Process for Mary Soo Hoo Park Improvements

Updated: May 17, 2022

Mary Soo Hoo Park in the Evening
Image from Stephen Stimson Associates (

Dear Kwong Kow Community,

We are happy the following message from our friends at the Greenway Conservancy, who help maintain the Mary Soo Ho Park:

The Greenway Conservancy is collecting feedback about Mary Soo Hoo Park on The Greenway that can help us improve and enhance this open space for the Chinatown community, park visitors, and residents.

Attend our first Community Meeting! Join us virtually on Tuesday, April 12 from 5:30p-7p to provide feedback. Mandarin and Cantonese interpretation will be available through Zoom.

Complete our bilingual Survey! Live on 4/1 and open until the end of April. Two Greenway Carousel tickets will be provided to each respondent.

This community process will run throughout 2022. Visit for more information. Thank you to the Yawkey Foundation for their support of this project.

司徒麗英 (Mary Soo Hoo) 公園改善社區參與流程

綠道保護會(Greenway Conservancy) 正在收集在綠徑路上, 對有關司徒麗英 (Mary Soo Hoo) 公園意見,藉此希望可以幫助我們為唐人街社區、公園遊客和居民改善和增強使用這個開放空間。

參加我們的第一次社區會議!以虛擬上網的方式參加 我們 (星期四) 4 月 12 日下午 5:30-7:00點 以 Zoom進行, 將提供普通話和粵語翻譯服務。

請完成我們的雙語問卷調查! 開放由 4/1 並開放至 4 月底。將為每位問卷調查參與者提供兩張 綠路旋轉木馬 (Greenway Carousel) 門票。

此社區參與流程會在整個 2022 年進行。請上網 瀏覽了解更多信息。致謝 Yawkey 基金會對這個項目的支持。

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