History & Overview 歷史及簡介

KKCS was founded in 1916 by the Chinese Merchants Association (the On Leong Merchants Association) to establish an educational institution to help maintain Chinese heritage among overseas Chinese. The school is the oldest one of its kind in Boston and one of the longest-running Chinese schools on the East Coast. The School became a non-profit in 1981 in order to ensure the sustainability of the School as a community resource. Through its long and distinguished history, KKCS has provided Chinese language and cultural education, academic support, and recreational programs for more than 20,000 children of Chinese immigrants in the Boston/Greater Boston/Eastern Massachusetts region. Operating after school, on Saturdays and Sundays, and during the summer, KKCS fills a critical need for quality out-of-school programming for age 5 to 18.

Through a ten-year capital campaign, the school moved into its first permanent home at 87 Tyler Street in October, 2007. With 16,892 sq. ft, the new building is equipped with state-of-the-art technology; facilities include a multi-function performing arts center, a computer lab, a library, a dance studio, and 13 classrooms.

Currently, the school has a full-time Principal, 8 full-time staff, and more than 20 part time teachers, all of whom hold bachelor degrees and some hold graduate degrees. Student demographics today have become more diverse, including not only immigrant students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines, but also Asia Americans, adopted children from China, and students from other ethnic groups.

Besides Chinese language and culture, KKCS also offers programs that parallel and complement the public school system, as well as a comprehensive summer program that is both academically intensive and culturally enriched. Almost 100% of the students from our ISEE class in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 were admitted to one of the three Examination Schools in Boston, and all students in our SAT Subject Test in Chinese scored over 750. Our Yangqin and Dulcimer Youth Band has participated in public concerts with the Worcester Youth Orchestras, and its members have won numerous rewards in competitions sponsored by the Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts.

KKCS is committed to promoting Chinese language and culture. As well, our school plays a very important role in preparing immigrant children to participate fully in mainstream society, and to have access to a broad spectrum of resources and opportunities.