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FREE! KKCS x Greenway Fitness Program

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

*NOTICE 06/15/23: Due to weather, Sat. June 17th’s classes will be rescheduled to Sat. Aug 26th. Please see our full class schedule below for more information.

Kwong Kow Chinese School is excited to announce that we will be collaborating with the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy to host FREE martial arts fitness classes for adults!

Rowes Wharf Plaza
Photo by Tom Klein, 2016

Intro to Hung Gar Kung Fu

  • Our FREE 1-hour traditional Hung Gar martial arts class features a structured and routine training program which develops mastery of techniques.

  • Classes begin with warm-up exercises, followed by a series of drills that are designed to build strength, flexibility, and coordination. Drills may include striking, kicking, blocking, and combinations of movements.

  • The goal of our class is to establish strong foundations in the fundamentals of Traditional Hung Gar, so students can progress to more advanced techniques and sparring in the future.

Class Instructor

Sifu Henry Yu
Instructor Henry Yu (Right)

Henry Yu

Accumulating 10+ years of experience in Chinese Kung Fu and 7+ years in competition has been a truly transformative journey. I have dedicated countless hours to perfecting my techniques and pushing my limits in order to excel in my craft.

Studying the Hung Gar style has been particularly rewarding for me as it emphasizes strong stances, powerful strikes, and effective use of the entire body. In addition to the physical benefits, I have learned important values such as discipline, perseverance, and respect for oneself and others.

Class Schedule

Each session will cover new techniques, and offer two 1-hour class options (12–1PM or 1–2PM). However, you are NOT required to attend all sessions or classes. Pick the dates & times work best for you!

Session Dates

Class Times

​Sat. June 17th




Sat. July 15th



Sat. August 19th



Sat. August 26th



Sat. September 2nd



Class Location

Rowes Wharf Plaza

Signing Up

All classes are FREE! 18 years or older. Drop-ins welcome. However, if our class size exceeds 25 people, we may ask that you return for our next available class time.

Please RSVP to reserve a spot:


While You’re There

The Greenway

Visit The Greenway Artisan Market

Support local artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs by exploring the Greenway Artisan Market, operated by Somerville Flea. Discover unique handmade products, jewelry, crafted goods, and art along The Greenway. Continue your adventure with a spin on the Greenway Carousel, enjoy a food truck picnic on the organic lawns, and delight in Boston’s spectacular views!

The Greenway Artisan Market will be open every Saturday from May 6 through October 31 and every Sunday from May 28 through October 8, 2023.

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