Summer Program 暑期班


Kwong Kow Chinese School

Chinese Cultural Summer Program 2021


Grades K – 8

Ages 5 – 13

Our program has taken all the necessary precautionary measures to keep our students and staff safe from COVID-19. There will be 8 exciting weeks of academic enrichment, Chinese language instruction, and cultural activities. Located in the heart of Boston’s Chinatown, our classes in English, Math and Science will help prepare children for the next coming school year. We have flexible scheduling and payment options to accommodate for your family’s needs.

我們的學校已經採取了一切必要的預防措施,以確保學生和員工的安全與健康。暑期為期8週的豐富學科、中文教學和文化活動一定會讓您的孩子有個難忘的暑假! 我們的英語、數學和科學課程將幫助孩子們為下一學年做好準備。我們也有彈性的註冊安排和付款選擇,以配合您的各種需求。

Academic Support and Enrichment

Our program offers enrichment in Science, Math, and English, as well as hands-on Mandarin activities.


Dates and Times

Our summer program is an 8 week program (July 6th – August 27th) taking place on weekdays 8:00AM – 5:00PM.

Each student will be asked to sign up for at least 3 weeks (which can be separate).


An online/virtual-only option is available from 9:00AM – 12:00PM (tentative schedule).


Registration Dates

Early bird discount registration starts March 1st and ends April 30th.

Regular registration starts May 1st and ends August 9th.



Phone: 617-426-6716


Summer Program General Schedule 請點這裡到我們的暑期班時間表


FAQ Section

Find answers to some common questions about our summer program.

As a childcare program, KKCS is committed to following all recommended CDC guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Staggered pick-up and drop-off times to minimize entrance and waiting-area contact
  • Screening all persons entering the building (e.g. temperature scanning, symptom checking, sanitizing hands)
  • Contact-tracing all staff members
  • Socially distancing students
  • Mandatory mask use unless eating (we may provide masks if necessary)
  • Providing stationary for every student, so that materials (e.g. crayons, markers, etc.) do not need to be shared
  • Disinfection of classroom surfaces and equipment at the start and end of each day
  • Frequent disinfection of other high-touch and common areas

To adhere to social distancing guidelines, our classrooms will each be limited to 2 teachers and 10 students. Students will remain with their assigned class during the program, to minimize contact between students.

To best ensure proper hygiene, It is recommended that students bring their own food to eat. However, our program will also provide free breakfasts, lunches, and snacks if preferred. Either way, students will not be allowed to share food with each other.

Besides academic enrichment, our summer program offers a variety of fun recreactional activities. We engage students in hands-on science & engineering activities, interactive arts & crafts projects, and virtual school-wide activities.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we will not be offering any swim activities this year.

Yes, we will be offering a virtual-only option for students, set during the morning portion of our program, which will be 9:00AM – 12:00PM daily (tentative schedule).

Yes, you may choose to sign up for any 3 weeks. They do not need to be consecutive.
e.g. You could register for Week 1, Week 4, and Week 7.

Yes! We offer substantial financial assistance to any family in need of it. For more information, please contact our office during regular business hours.

Phone: 617-426-6716




  • 錯開接送時間,盡量減少入口和等候區的接觸
  • 對進入大樓的所有人員進行篩查(如體溫檢測、症狀檢查、手部消毒等)
  • 追踪所有工作人員的健康狀況
  • 確保學生與工作人員保持良好的社交距離
  • 非進食期間都必須佩戴口罩(如有需要,我們會提供口罩)
  • 為每個學生提供固定的文具,避免不必要的材料共享(如蠟筆、記號筆等)
  • 每天課程開始和結束時對教室表面和設備進行消毒
  • 針對頻繁接觸區域消毒


為確保適當的衛生,建議學生自備食物。然而,如果需要,我們也會提供免費的早餐,午餐和點心 。無論哪種方式,都不允許學生彼此共享食物。



有。我們也將為學生提供一個全線上的暑期項目, 時間將設置在每天上午九點到下午十二點(暫定時間表)。



•電話: (617)426-6716