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Chinese Painting & Calligraphy 水墨畫及書法班

Chinese Painting & Calligraphy 水墨畫及書法班

Days 星期: Sunday 星期日

Hours: 1:00PM – 2:00PM

Tuition (year) 全年學費: FREE for current KKCS students

Tuition (year) 全年學費: $250 per year for non-KKCS students

Tuition (semester) 分兩期付款: N/A

Books & Supplies 書本費及材料費:  $50/year 年

Instructor 教師: Ximu Cao 曹肸牧

Note 備註: 

  1. Registration Fee $50 註冊費$50

  2. Deposit $250. Absence under 3 times, will return in full. Absence for 4 times, deposit won’t be refunded. 押金$250。若缺席少於三次,將全額退還。缺 席四次及以上,押金將不退還。

  3. 10 students/class 10 人滿班

Course cancellation and change policy:
Course cancellation or change may happen when the minimum student numbers or other requirements were not met. The students/parents will be notified by email within 72 hours of which KKCS and the partnering institution have decided on the cancellation or change.


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