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Chinese Painting & Calligraphy 水墨畫及書法班

Chinese Painting & Calligraphy 水墨畫及書法班

Days 星期: Sunday 星期日

Hours: 1:00PM – 2:00PM

Instructor 教師: 

  • Semester 學期 1: Anna Ding 书法

  • Semester 第二學期 2: Ximu Cao 曹肸牧

Tuition (year) 全年學費: $300

Tuition (semester) 分兩期付款: N/A

Books & Supplies 書本費及材料費:  $40

Note 備註: 

  • Priority enrollment for returning students 舊生優先

  • Class Capacity: 12 最多 12 人一班

Course cancellation and change policy:
Course cancellation or change may happen when the minimum student numbers or other requirements were not met. The students/parents will be notified by email within 72 hours of which KKCS and the partnering institution have decided on the cancellation or change.


課程取消政策: 主辦單位保有最終修改、變更、課程及取消課程之權利,若有相關異動將會在廣教學校與合作機構決定最終方案後七十二小時內以電郵形式通知學生與家長。

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