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Chinese Language & Culture

Chinese Language & Culture

Days 星期: Saturdays or Sundays 星期六 、日

Hours: 9:30AM – 12:30PM

Tuition (year) 全年學費: $825

Tuition (semester) 分兩期付款: $440

Books & Supplies 書本費及材料費: $80

Instructor 教師: Varies by level

Note 備註:

  • New students will take a placement test on the first day of school. 開學第一天中文班新生將進行分班考試

2022–2023 Financial Aid Application Form 中華廣教學校助學金申請表

Kwong Kow Chinese School will offer need-based financial aid to provide equal opportunities to students with economic need. Qualified families shall attach a copy of last year’s federal tax return (Form 1040) to this application at registration. Students receiving financial aid should be in good standing to be included in the program. Kwong Kow Chinese School reserves the right to cancel this program pending the availability of funds. 

為了讓更多家庭的子弟有機會參加廣教多元化的課程,家長可向本校申請廣教學校助學金。請填妥助學金申請表,並附上去 年聯邦政府報稅表 (Form 1040) 副本一份,入學註册時遞交本校審核。獲助學金的學生若得退學或停學處分,學校將收回獎 助學金。因助學金有限額,廣教學校保留取消此計劃的權利。

Course cancellation and change policy:
Course cancellation or change may happen when the minimum student numbers or other requirements were not met. The students/parents will be notified by email within 72 hours of which KKCS and the partnering institution have decided on the cancellation or change.


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