Full-Day Program 全日班

Full-Day Program

KKCS currently provides a full day (on-site) program that will support families who need to send their childcare to a safe environment for their virtual learning classes.

Schedule: Mondays-Fridays 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Safety – It is a top priority to ensure the KKCS community that we are taking the right steps for safe programming. KKCS practices temperature/staggering check-ins,  providing mandatory PPE, as well as providing spacious virtual learning space promoting maximum physical distancing. 

More information on KKCS Health & Safety Protocols can be found here.

Academic Support – Throughout the day, supervising staff will provide tutoring as well as homework help to all the students.

Technical Support – Students will be able to learn without interruption by staying connected seamlessly on KKCS’s upgraded 1Gig Business Class Internet service. Supervising staff will be assisting students around the clock to make sure that everyone is on top of their tasks. KKCS will be providing free microphone headsets to students who enroll into the day program! 

Enrichment Activities – Students will also be provided with various enrichment activities to keep them engaged socially and emotionally. KKCS will be providing movement, arts, music, as well as cultural activities.


廣教現正提供在校全日班, 以應家庭須要, 讓孩子們能在一個安全的環境下, 登上他們的遠距教室。

 時間: 週一至週五, 上午八時半至下午六時

 安全– 廣教重視健康安全,維守準則。定期清潔場地設施, 實行體温檢測與分時進校, 備有必要的防護配件, 提供足夠肢體距離規限的學習空間。

有關廣教的健康安全守則, 可上這裡查閱。

 學術支援– 廣教的監導老師會全天候給學生從旁指導, 以及輔助家課。

 技術支援– 廣教的網絡系統現已提升至商業級服務, 讓學生在毫無連線障礙的情况下學習。廣教的監導老師會協助學生依照時序, 履行作業。註册参加這個全日班的學生可免費獲贈一部耳機。

 充實活動– 廣教亦為學生安排多項的文藝活動, 使學生在社交與情緒方面能適當地有所寄托。