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Registration for our Full Day On-site Program and Online Afterschool Program is now open!  For more information, click here.

Enroll in our Online Coding Classes

KKCS will be offering a BRAND NEW online coding class in partnership with Code Wiz! Code Wiz’s trained programming coaches will be teaching these courses along with our own team members. These are great opportunities for students to explore their interest in video games in an impactful and educational way!

Enroll in our Full Day On-site Program

KKCS currently provides a full day (on-site) program that will support families who need to send their childcare to a safe environment for their virtual learning classes.

廣教現正提供在校全日班, 以應家庭須要, 讓孩子們能在一個安全的環境下, 登上他們的遠距教室。

Enroll in our Online Afterschool Program

KKCS will also be providing an Afterschool Online option to families who opt to stay at home for virtual learning. Students will be given a unique KKCS login account and will be using Google Classroom and Zoom for communications.

廣教現正提供網上課餘班, 給居家作遠距學習的學生一個輔助課項。學生可以利用廣教特設的户號, 登入谷歌教室, 並與廣教導師在Zoom線上聯繫。

Learning Violin

Enroll in our Weekend Program

In our weekend program, we offer Chinese language classes in the morning and cultural classes in the afternoon. On Saturdays, we also offer English and Math enrichment in the afternoon.


Summer Program

8 exciting weeks of academic enrichment, Chinese language instructions and cultural activities. Located in the heart of Boston’s Chinatown, our classes in English, Math and Science will help prepare children for the incoming grade.

Individual Health Care Plan

Please download this form and have it filled out by your child’s physician if your child has a condition that requires medication, such as a life-threatening allergy.


Medication Consent Form

If you would like us to administer medication (it can be your child’s prescribed medication or over-the-counter medication), please download this form here and have it filled out.