Board of Directors 校董會成員


John Leung, M.D. 梁爾尊

Physician, Boston Specialists

Vice President

Felix Lui 雷國輝

Retired Sales Exec, Harbour Food Equipment Inc.


Stephan Chan 陳德慈

Retired Project Manager, GE Aviation Division


Michael Zonghetti

Senior Analyst, Columbia Threadneedle Investments


Paul Chan 陳家驊

Former Dir. of Develop., MA Housing Invest. Corp.

David Chin 陳遇均

Retired Engineer

Frank F. Chin 陳毓禮

Retired Purchasing Director, City of Boston

William D. Chin, J.D. 陳鐵堅

Retired Attorney

Lily Chu 蔡麗梨

Co-Founder, C & C Printing Co

Shue Pon Lee 李壽泮

Retired Restaurant Entrepreneur and Banker

Theresa So 蘇李蕙敏

Retired Nurse

Connie Wong 黃瑞瑜

Deputy Fire Commissioner, City of Boston

Maria Wong 黃綺

Manager, Lucky Star Bus Co