Faculty 師資

Faculty members at KKCS are college graduates, many with post-graduate degrees. All staff and faculty members at KKCS are bilingual in English and Mandarin, most are conversant with Cantonese.


Director of Student Affairs and Registrar

Chengzhen Jane Song

B.S.M. in Management Engineering, Central South University

E.M.S. in Management Science and Engineering, Wuhan University

Ms. Song is a highly recognized teacher and a member of the core management team at KKCS. Ms. Song has worked closely with community learning centers since her arrival to the United States in 2009, and has been an effective teacher of Chinese language and culture. Before coming to the United States, Ms. Song was Associate Professor at the GuangXi University of Technology for 7 years; and prior to that, she had had over 10 years of experience in industrial management.

Benjamin Yu

Director of Afterschool and Summer Programs

Benjamin Yu

If there was a popularity contest, Mr. Yu would win hands down. Ben, as Mr. Yu is called endearingly by everyone from students to the janitor, started at KKCS as a student when he was in elementary school. Sixteen years since he registered at KKCS, Ben has played many different roles, including those of teaching assistant and teacher. He knows the school well and is well posited in the school’s operation.


After School Program

Troy Doliner
Margaret Lau
Kunhua Li
Ruiyu Lin
Huajie Rieder
Sarah Situ
Andy Wu
Yumin Wu
Ruiyuan Yu

Weekend Programs

Chinese Language and Culture

Tamara Davis
Yan Gao
Bei Liang
Ruiyu Lin
Jiayu Qian
Yining Shen
Chengzhen Song
Yumin Wu
Shaoming Zhang

Arts and Culture

Jengyu Chen
Tamara Davis
Cynthia Lau
Ping Li
Ruiyu Lin
Jessica Tian
Tony Wu
Edmund Yu

Weekend Academy

Troy Doliner
Andy Wu
Benjamin Yu