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Licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care
Accepting Massachusetts education and childcare vouchers
Afterschool hours extended to 6:30 p.m.
English, Math, and Standardized Test Preps on Weekends

週末班 KKCS Weekend Academy for Language and Culture

Registration for the 2015-2016 school year has started.

  • 中國語文、歷史與文化 Chinese Language, History and Culture
  • 英數輔導English and math skills tutorial
  • 「英語為第二語言」輔導課程 ELL tutorials
  • 標準考試輔導 Preparation for standardized tests:
  • 藝術文化課程 Arts and Culture:
    揚琴 Yangqin (Chinese dulcimer), 古箏 Guzheng (Chinese zither), 鼓樂Drumming, 小提琴 Violin, 音樂劇Musical Theater, 舞蹈 Dance, 舞獅 Lion Dance, 兒童畫室Studio Art for Young Children, 水彩及素描 Watercolor and Sketching, 中國水墨畫及書法 Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
  • 老師看管午飯時間 Supervised lunch hour

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課餘班 KKCS Afterschool Program

Registration for the 2015-2016 school year has started. We now offer SAT and English/Math classes on Sunday.

  • 功課輔導 Homework supervision and tutorial
  • 英文、數學、科學、社會科學進修課程 Enrichment classes in English, math, science, and social studies
  • 標準考試輔導 Preparation for standardized tests: PARCC, MCAS
  • 重點高中入學試特別班Special Program for ISEE preparation
  • 英文寫作坊 English Writing Workshop
  • 初級國語 Beginning Mandarin
  • 週五興趣小組活動 Friday activity clubs:
    乒乓球 Table Tennis, 舞獅 Lion Dance, 舞蹈 Dance, 合唱團Choir, 智能機械 Robotics, 手工藝 Arts and Crafts

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Please request forms or register at the Reception desk.

School Calendar

2015-2016 School Calendar

Afterschool Program begins September 8.
Weekend Academy begins September 12-13.

Head of School

FeliciaNative to Hong Kong and educated in the United States, Dr. Felicia Tsang graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), did her graduate studies at Dartmouth College and Boston University, and worked as a research scientist in the Harvard Medical School. Dr. Tsang began her extensive work in K-12 education in 1986. In the United States, Dr. Tsang was engaged in many innovative programs funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and NASA.

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